How do you know your children are happy? Are they mindful, are they resilient; how big are their Smiles


Use the Smile programme to build a robust character in your children, preparing them for the everyday challenges of the global community in which we live. Understand that in an ever changing world with advances in technology, heightened professional competition and a fast pace of living it is invaluable to be able to ‘Smile’.


The Smile programme offers a comprehensive approach to teaching all our children the skills to have an adaptable and fruitful future. The five key learning areas being; Safe, Motivated, Independent, Leadership and Empathy, teach children well-rounded fundamental skills to take forward through life’s ups and downs.  With key catch phrases the Smile programme offers a fun way to help children Smile more often and we all know a true Smile is infectious.


Alongside having fun catchphrases, fabulous posters and a memorable logo, the Smile programme can supply you with workbooks, assembly ideas and tools to ensure your staff are well supported in its delivery.


Above all remember we want all children to Smile, don’t you?

Saffi Mant
BSc in Sport Science
PGCE in Secondary Education
Mental Health First Aid 
Andrew Mant
BSc in Biomedical Science with Chemistry
PGCE in Secondary Education
MA in Education

Career teachers motivated to helping children Smile.