What people say about Smile?

It is a pleasure to work with driven, motivated and enthusiastic people who care about the future of our world and the welfare of all children. Read some of the testimonials below to see just how much other users have benefited from using the Smile programme. 

'What a great way to empower your children and teach them what makes themselves and everyone around them smile! This FAB initiative engages children of all abilities in a fun and thoughtful manner and brings happiness and well-being into your assemblies, classrooms and playgrounds' - Martin Anderson, Senior Master and Head of Year 6, 2019

"I use this with my Year 8 pupils as a leadership tool, giving them materials to deliver assemblies to the junior school" - Head of Year 8, Crosfields School

The SMILE initiative has completely reformed my teaching of PSHEE. With clear guidelines and excellent resources PSHEE lessons have come back to life. SMILE deals with real and current issues in a child’s world. The programme equips them with the tools to make safe and sensible life choices.” - Louise Hodson, Year 2 Teacher

'I love using this programme with my class. I find it easy to follow and love the structure, which guides me to remember all aspects. The children respond well to the various activities and surprise me every time I teach a new group with the ways in which they interpret them to enable them to develop from their own starting points. I highly recommend this programme.' Yasmin Barlow, Head of Early Years, 2016