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Let's make #everyonesmile

The Smile programme provides tools to build a robust character in children, preparing them for the everyday challenges of the global community in which we live - #everyoneSmile 

Free resources

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For this task you will need to discuss as a family who makes you safe in the world. What a great opportunity to support the wonderful NHS and all our other key workers at this time. It's also a great opportunity to compare your thoughts with your child's and to identify who are good people to talk to should they feel unsafe or worried at any time. Display your trees in your home. 

For this task you will need to read through the poster and learn the good phrases. The mindset of motivation is designed to teach you positive phrases that you can use to keep you and others motivated to learn new things and to keep trying. If you have access to a printer you could display the poster somewhere in your house. Why not all try and use these positive phrases in your house and introduce a forfeit if you get it wrong? Good luck! 

Another free resource, this time a song to learn. Encourage Independence in your children by playing this song and singing along! What a great skill to have a what a lovely way to teach some more vocabulary too. 

For this task you will need to think about the qualities a good leader has. Think about Scar and Mufasa from the Lion King. Match the quality with the correct lion. See if you can demonstrate the good qualities.  

We hope you enjoy it. 

For this task you will need to practice thinking and being calm and quiet. This allows our minds to relax and once relaxed we can be more empathetic to others and help them more. 

We aim to minimise workload for all teachers whilst ensuring all children Smile.

Why not send in your work for publication! Or a photo of you doing the work. 

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